About TwinCharts.com
There are many investment theories that are well publicized in the financial press.
Even though little or no historical data may be offered as evidence for such theories,
many investors use them subconsciously, if not intentionally.

Example Theories: Rising Inflation is bad for the stock market. A booming housing
market is good for the S&P 500 stock index. A falling fed funds rate means that long
term interest rates will fall.

There are many such theories. In this site,  long term investment and economic data is
tested against previous decades to determine whether a relationship actually exists or
not. This historical correlation provides a vital aid in interpreting the often confusing
behavior of the financial markets. The perspective gained may be the difference
between staying the course or being blown and tossed by every investment theory
that is popular at the moment. What the majority assumes to be true, often is not. At
TwinCharts.com, charts and statistics shine a bright light on investment theories for
the benefit of both seasoned investors and newbies alike.

TwinCharts.com provides historical behavioral coorelations between various indexes
and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). With this data, investors can see
whether various indexes have historically moved with the Dow or inverse to it...  and
more importantly, whether movements in various indexes have produced evidence of
predictive capabilities for the DJIA.

These pages were designed to help you to chart a better course for your financial
future based on the wisdom gleaned from a graphic and statistical history of correlated

TwinCharts.com is a service of SignalTrend Inc., a Texas Corporation, located in
Tyler, Texas, USA. SignalTrend began publishing equity forecasts in 2005. In 2008,
SignalTrend created ForecastChart.com to publish forecasts, charts and analysis for
stock indexes, economic indexes, currencies, interest rates and real estate. In 2013,
LittleBigHomes.com was established to focus on 380 U.S. real estate markets.

I wish for you the greatest of success!

J. C. Phillips
Editor of TwinCharts.com and President of SignalTrend Inc.
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